Saudi Association of Public Health has signed an official memo with the Saudi Health Council

Dated: 15 Nov 2017

We are glad to announce that the Saudi Association of Public Health has signed an official memo with the Saudi Health Council with Dr. Yaqoub Almazroua, Secretary-General. The news was spread through local media. Dr. Majid Al Salamah, Dean of college of Public Health And Health Informatics attended the event as well as Dr. Ali Alshehri, Chairman of Public Health departments, and other members of the Saudi Association of Public Health. The main purpose of this memo is to establish a National Memorandum of public health. Saudi Council aimed to build a true partnership with SAPH to establish the first national forum for public health. This partnership between SAPH and the Saudi Health Council will be officially announced in all health facilities.

The Saudi Health Council has signed an official memo with The Saudi Association of Public Health in different public health fields, including scientific research and studies, also provide specialists with information and data, as well as participating in some activities and scientific committees which normally held between them, and exchanging scientific subjects to achieve a joint action in the protection of public health. The memo was signed by Dr. Yaqoub Almazroua, Secretary-General of Saudi Health Council and Dr. Bader Faleh Al Khateeb chairman of Saudi association of public health that is in the headquarters of the Secretariat General in Riyadh.

Dr. Yaqoub Almazroua assures the importance of the protection of public health programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the importance of this cooperation to achieve 2030 vision and the health care strategy showing that the council has many national programs with the official partners of the scientific associations which has been approved by the government.

He added that this successful partnership with The Saudi Association of Public Health will lead to new opportunities in the field of research, consultation and implementation of plans related to the specialization of public health and improving the health services provided to patients in the Kingdom.

Dr. Almazroa praised SAPH efforts in public health fields as a scientific association specialized in Academic specialization and field experience which comes in the benefit of the country in general and individual in specific.

On the other hand Dr. Bader Al Khateeb emphasized the importance of public health fields and the multiplicity of its research topics and its scientific and analytical tools to contribute in creating strategic vision for health, and strengthen the field of public health.

He expressed his confidence that the efforts of the partnership between the association and the council will be part of contributing to the role of vital public health in health affairs, achieving the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and implementing national vision with all relevant sectors.

Dr. Al-Khateeb thanked the General Secretariat of the Saudi Health Council for its role in coordinating in the various health sectors, and holding partnerships with health associations concerned with the health issue to reach a better health service.